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Fancy a few days in South West France surrounded by plum trees and vineyards? We can visit markets in the morning, cook up the results of our morning's foraging, relax a little later in the day with a good book or some gentle conversation, a round of golf or a game of tennis, or a visit to a local producer and, of course, partake of some of the excellent food and wine that surrounds us. You need only get yourself to Bordeaux or Bergerac; taxi transfers, accommodation, food and drink are all provided in the price.

A very different experience from the quotidian - one to be savoured and enjoyed at a more relaxed pace.


Check the classes page for details of scheduled dates and prices, or contact me if you would like to set up something just for you and yours. More details of my kitchen in France, and the house that it belongs to, can be found here.

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